en rule - the short dash
(a) : used to indicate a span or differentiation (b) : may be considered as a substitute for and or to: Noun-active strength of body or mind <the cavalry officer's dash and enthusiasm inspired his men to follow him into battle>

When you look at a person's memorial stone and you see the "Born on XX/XX/XXXX - Died on XX/XX/XXX," do you wonder what is contained in the (-) or DASH?

What does the DASH in your life encompass? Does it say all you want?

Develop a DASH plan for the span of your life:

  • Find significance in your life
  • Identify your passions
  • Are there chapters you want to write that you can't get started on?
  • Need "life" contexts to flesh out your next steps to get started?
  • Explore and utlilize your existing strengths and yet to be explored strengths to achieve your goals?

So make the call, make an appointment and let’s develop your DASH!

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