chart noun (a) a map designed to aid navigation by sea or air, (b) a sheet giving graphical, tabular, or diagrammatical information verb (tr) (a) to make a chart of (b) or to make a detailed plan of.

During the height of the age of the great sailing ships, a fair amount of time was put into preparation prior to departure. Courses were thoroughly planned and charted. Before setting off to trade, ships were prepared and fully stocked. The best time to travel utilizing the prevailing winds was chosen so that arrival at various ports coincided with the harvest of local crops that could in turn be traded at future ports to maximize success.

The most successful ship captains were meticulous with monitoring their progress during the voyage. They utilized sextants to stay true to their course as well as making necessary adjustments to unforeseen events such as severe weather. Another quality common among the most successful captains was the fair treatment of their crew. This included clearly communicating the common interest, making sure each crewmember knew their respective role, and updating the crew of ongoing progress. As a result, all knew what they could expect to gain and were motivated to work together.

The Chart Your Course program establishes where you are in your life’s' journey and where you want to go for realization of your significance and passion. In order to successfully plan and chart your personal course, a baseline of your unique abilities and attributes needs to be established. This will be done through a variety of tools that take into account abilities, interests and personality type. The next step is to build upon this baseline by pinpointing what is important to you, fleshing out your dreams and values, identifying your networks, and reflecting on past experiences, through which a framework will be developed. This framework is to be utilized like the sextant of a previous age to stay true to your charted course maximizing your success.

The Chart Your Course program includes all evaluation tools, 12 - 15 in depth consultations to develop a baseline, working framework, and monitor progress/success over 6 to 12 months.

Complete package includes:

  • Four Area 30 year T Chart
  • Vision Board to help visualize what the future will look like
  • Workbook and dynamic system to keep you on pace
  • Strength Finder 2.0 assessment and growth plan
  • Framework to build your financial plan to facilitate the journey
  • A log for key learnings to be passed along
  • Provide details to begin setting up your family's own Experience Bank and Legal Trusts as required for your particular chosen destination

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